InLinkUK is dodging full planning permission in Kingston

The surveillance kiosk company has applied for full planning permission everywhere else. So why not in Kingston?
Adrian Short ·

InLinkUK is dodging full planning scrutiny in Kingston by applying for seven new kiosks using the permitted development process for essential communications infrastructure.

Previous InLink applications in other boroughs have been for full planning permission, allowing councils to take a wide range of issues into account when making their decisions. But unlike full planning applications, communications applications cannot be refused in principle. Any objections are limited to siting and appearance issues.

Bristol City Council recently refused 25 applications for full planning permission for InLink kiosks. Kingston won’t be able to do that. InLink’s use of the “light touch” communications permitted development process rather than applying for full planning permission may be an attempt to reduce the risk of similar refusals in future.

Public consultation on the Kingston applications has closed. The council’s planning officers have got until 2 July to decide whether the town joins Google’s advertising and surveillance network. Contact the Grove ward councillors with your views on the InLink applications in Kingston town centre.

The application references are:

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