Adrian Short

MHCLG phoneboxes permitted development consultation response

January 2019

Police facial recognition privatises public space

Police in London are using facial recognition cameras on Christmas shoppers. How does this change the way public space is experienced and regulated?

December 2018

"Unable to move even a single step": Mechanism, policy and practice in the disciplinary smart city

November 2018

Activity feeds for planning applications software

June 2018

InLink is dodging full planning permission in Kingston

The surveillance kiosk company has applied for full planning permission everywhere else. So why not in Kingston?

June 2018

Is Intersection part of Google?

The lead company behind the new BT InLink UK kiosks is keen to distance itself from Google. But what's the real connection between them and the internet giant?

April 2018

Why must Sutton Council's bin software fail when Veolia's servers are busy?

March 2018

Google InLink spy kiosks targeting kids in London and Leeds

January 2018

BT InLink in London: building a privatised "smart city" by stealth

December 2017

InLink kiosks: Email to Wandsworth Council's planning applications committee

December 2017