Adrian Short

Brexit: Control or influence?

Boris Johnson’s £350m a week for the NHS lie is really just part of the whole meta-lie about the EU: that it’s separate from the UK. The EU is a membership institution. The UK is (still) a member state. The EU isn’t “them”, it’s “us” and our partners. While the EU has 28 member states of which the UK is just one, we’re one of the big three (the others being France, Germany) that have huge influence.

Who decides what happens to Charlie Gard, and why?

There are many myths and misconceptions about the Charlie Gard legal case.

Architecture, class and beauty

Grenfell Tower reclad

Many of you will have seen or heard stories that the cladding put on Grenfell Tower was to improve the view of rich(er) neighbours nearby. This cladding is suspected to be a significant factor in the disaster, leading to the rapid and unexpected spread of the fire.

This story isn’t true.