Adrian Short

Sutton Council

Why must Sutton Council's bin software fail when Veolia's servers are busy?

Sutton Council has been having problems with its IT systems supporting its waste and recycling contract with Veolia. Online forms to report things like missed bin collections haven’t been working, leaving “customers” who already have a problem with the waste and recycling service itself with an extra problem with the system they need to use to report the problems. A recent council newsletter for councillors as tweeted by Tory opposition leader Tim Crowley is quick to assign the blame to Veolia:

Is #SuttonBinShame a bad data problem?

Sutton Council handed its waste and recycling collection service over to outsourcing firm Veolia at the beginning of April. Veolia’s contract required it to operate a substantially new service in the borough aimed at increasing the recycling rate and reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. This has meant more bins for different types of waste and different collection cycles to those previously operated. It’s fair to say that the new service has been an unmitigated disaster for everyone concerned, not least residents such as myself.

Asda Stonecot/Woodstock pub planning consultation letters: Sutton Council's response

In June I wrote about how Asda manipulated Sutton Council’s planning consultation to demolish the Woodstock pub on Stonecot Hill by sending in 161 of the 197 letters supporting their planning application. I followed that up by making a complaint to Sutton Council: I would like to make a formal complaint about this: It’s my view that Sutton Council’s planning officers were aware of Asda’s manipulation of the planning consultation, or should have been aware, and did not inform the planning committee of this pertinent fact.

How Asda manipulated the Woodstock pub planning consultation

UPDATED 19 June 2015: The overall effect of this revision is to revise upwards the number of form letters sent by Asda and to correspondingly revise downwards the number of apparent independent letters of support sent by members of the public. Revised the true figures for Councillor Pollock’s calculation from 56%/44% against the proposal to 74%/26% against. UPDATED 14 July 2015: I made a complaint about this to Sutton Council.