Adrian Short


Google InLink spy kiosks targeting kids in London and Leeds

Google’s wifi spy kiosks in London and Leeds have been targeting young children in breach of the service’s privacy policy. The service, branded as BT InLinkUK and run by a Google company called Intersection, encouraged children to “call Santa” and leave him a voicemail on the street-based kiosks over Christmas: A bit of fun whilst out and about over the festive period. Use our Call Santa feature and leave the main man a message.

BT InLink in London: building a privatised "smart city" by stealth

The most important urban development in London is currently being built with little fanfare and even less scrutiny. It will create no office space, no homes, no shops and no leisure facilities yet it will change the shape of London for years to come. Sadiq Khan has nothing to say about it. Local councillors are supposedly powerless to stop it. Londoners haven’t been asked if they want it and even on a clear day it’s quite hard to tell exactly what it is.